Popular Keynote Topics

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Recent Topics:
  • Intentional Leadership

  • Executive Presence for Women Leaders

  • Mastering People Skills

  • Unlocking Creativity

  • Business Development for Technical Leaders

  • The ART of Sales & Service Strategies

  • The SHEfactor:You Don’t Need to be a Shark to Swim

  • The ART of Communication

  • How to Read Clients Like a Book

  • Powerful 1st Impressions

  • How to Detect Hidden Messages through Micro-expressions

  • How to Become a Master Conversationalist

  • Time/Stress Management for CPAs

  • Building Your Inner Circle & Sphere of Influence

  • How to get Buy-In for Your Ideas

  • How to Navigate Networking Events

  • Transforming Managers into Leaders

  • Mastering People Skills

  • Managing Your Personal Brand

  • The Power of Body Language

  • Managing Conflict and Difficult Conversation

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