Executive Coaching

We believe each individual is unique...

Whether you're looking for a new role, enhancing your skills for a promotion or investing in personal growth, we have custom coaching solutions to match your goals. Our team of coaches 

have helped thousands of individuals with personalized coaching that result in career transformations.We have a deep understanding of corporate culture, strategy and navigating internal networks with our extensive experience. 

Executive coaching offers you the opportunity, in a safe and confidential environment, to have a strategic partner and independent sounding board to help you identify blind spots that may be holding you back, develop and practice new skills, and accelerate your performance to become your best version. 

Tap our sea of executive coaches for yourself or for members of your team through this one-on-one, personalized approach to learning and development. Soft Skills Training Group develops high-potential leaders to support a number of core leadership objectives including:

  • Promotions

  • Mid-Level to Executive-Level Leadership Advancement

  • Career and Industry Switches

  • Executive Presence

  • Public Speaking

  • Business & HR Strategy

Top Reasons to Consider Hiring a Coach we hear from our clients:

  • Enhance your executive presence
  • Increase your influence within your organization

  • Change or eliminate behaviors that no longer serve you

  • On boarding for a new leadership role

  • Strengthen your team's performance