Learning is a Journey, Not a Destination

We have discovered that most companies are focused on technical training and don’t include the critical soft skill component until problems occur. Creating emotionally intelligent cultures involves a thoughtful plan with learning options that appeals to all learners, including bite size programs targeted to specific skills sets.

Our Approach

The heart of our approach is micro-learning. Bite sized lessons, exercises and real world practice that has become the most effective alternative to engage the learner.


  • Identify critical skills to improve business results
  • Define desired outcomes and success measurements
  • Define implementation plan
  • Customize program to complement current programs, not replace them.

In-Person Workshop

  • Targeted skill workshops delivered in 2 to 4 hours
  • Introduce practical and actionable skills
  • Highly interactive with practice and feedback
  • Beginning of a dynamic learning journey

Virtual Workshop

  • Targeted reinforcement webinars
  • Highly interactive focused workshops
  • Online discussion forums
  • Continuous learning without incurring travel costs.

On Demand Learning.

  • Access to a video library of highly focused content
  • Monthly Reminders sent to review videos
  • Access to content via mobile phone anytime any where
  • Coaching tool for managers

How to Make Learning Stick

Recent News:

“This was one of the most insightful workshops I’ve attended. I feel like it’s one of the few where I’m inspired to take action on bettering myself personally and professionally. Loved it! Will recommend this to many of my peers”

Kate B, Fidelity